Austin Crash Gates

Crash Gates Austin We have all driven up to a closed gate, at an Austin highly secure commercial property, restricting access.  A form of picture id had to be displayed, speaking to a person through a microphone, or gain access by a key card or key code.  A gate, if designed correctly, is very effective [...]

Austin Facility Protection

Facility Protection Austin – Are You Protected? Austin is the state capital of Texas and the number of government buildings is substantial with a high level of physical security.  This brings us to the pressing question for some: What is facility protection? The first observable security level of facility protection is the perimeter.  Perimeter size [...]

Austin Bollards

Bollards Austin You’re in charge of putting together the physical security plan for your building.  One of the scenarios you need to consider is a vehicle going full speed at a vulnerable area.  What method do you need to employ to stop the vehicle before it can do major damage and harm?  In Austin, office [...]