Austin Wedge Barriers

Wedge Barriers Austin Austin covers a large area of Central Texas, and the favorable business climate is ideal for thriving businesses in various industries; however, threats to their safety regrettably remain.  These businesses and commercial facilities come from industries such as stadiums, government (federal, state, and local), corporations, airports, and more.  Every company operating these [...]

Austin Drop Arm Barriers

Drop Arm Barriers Austin Physical security threats are increasing across the board.  Many commercial facilities across many industries, in Austin, are now realizing the necessity of increased physical security.  These threats are fluid and continually changing; thus, security teams must always train and physical security products examined to make sure the right product is used [...]

Austin Crash Gates

Crash Gates Austin We have all driven up to a closed gate, at an Austin highly secure commercial property, restricting access.  A form of picture id had to be displayed, speaking to a person through a microphone, or gain access by a key card or key code.  A gate, if designed correctly, is very effective [...]

Austin Facility Protection

Facility Protection Austin – Are You Protected? Austin is the state capital of Texas and the number of government buildings is substantial with a high level of physical security.  This brings us to the pressing question for some: What is facility protection? The first observable security level of facility protection is the perimeter.  Perimeter size [...]

Austin Bollards

Bollards Austin You’re in charge of putting together the physical security plan for your building.  One of the scenarios you need to consider is a vehicle going full speed at a vulnerable area.  What method do you need to employ to stop the vehicle before it can do major damage and harm?  In Austin, office [...]