Chicago Crash Gates

Crash Gates Chicago The new operation preference, for terrorists and criminals, is the acquisition and operation of a vehicle, usually a heavy truck, to ram an exposed access point of a building or facility, due to the relative ease of procuring a vehicle.  Chicago, the Windy City, has an overabundance of public and private physical [...]

Chicago Facility Protection

Facility Protection Chicago Chicago a large city with many threats to the security of buildings, personnel, and assets.  Criminal activity has been a concern for years and is only increasing.  Additionally, terrorist activities are becoming a greater reality and  9/11 changed the way Chicago facilities viewed their security focusing more on security concerns and building [...]

Chicago Bollards

Bollards Chicago If you look around Chicago, many landmarks will stand out: Millennial Park, Soldier Field, Comiskey Park, Wrigley Field, Union Station, and others are home to a security product, the bollard. Bollards are designed, for the most part, to blend in with the environment or extremely visible as dictated.  Bollards are most obvious at [...]