Columbus Wedge Barriers

Wedge Barriers Columbus Columbus, Ohio, is the home of choice of flourishing businesses in a variety of industries; however, threats to their safety disappointingly persist.  These businesses and commercial facilities operate within industries such as stadiums, government (federal, state, and local), corporations, airports, and more. A robust physical security plan should be in place for [...]

Columbus Drop Arm Barriers

Drop Arm Barriers Columbus Physical security threats are regularly increasing.  Many commercial facilities across many industries, in Columbus, are now recognizing the necessity of increased physical security.  These threats are unpredictable and changing in nature constantly; thus, security teams must continually train, and physical security products examined to ensure the right product is being used [...]

Columbus Crash Gates

Crash Gates Columbus Recent terrorist attacks have been conducted by using a heavy vehicle to ram through gates and other physical barriers causing significant damage and human casualties.  It is the responsibility of security personnel, through complete physical security planning, to stop vehicles before harm or damage can occur.  San Jose warehouse complexes, airports, and [...]

Columbus Facility Protection

Facility Protection Columbus Columbus has many inherent risks and threats to the security of buildings, personnel, and assets.  The acts on  9/11 changed the way Columbus facilities viewed their security concentrating more on security concerns and building protection.  In the past, theft and criminal activities were the major concern. It is still a concern but [...]

Columbus Bollards

Bollards Columbus Have you been assigned the job, for your  Columbus building, facility, airport, warehouse, or government building, of designing or updating the physical security plan?  One risk every structure must consider as a possibility is a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed with direct aim at a highly vulnerable and critical part [...]