Crash Gates for Nuclear Power Plants

Crash Gates and Nuclear Energy Protection When considering nuclear power plants and the type of energy they produce, the need to for high level security protection is paramount.  Often people worry about reactor meltdowns or leaks and that is a concern.  Yet, outside threats to the nuclear power plant is just as worrisome to security [...]

Crash Gates for Government Buildings

Crash Gates are an Excellent Choice for Government Building Security Government buildings are known for their intense, extreme level of security.  You have probably even experienced the security firsthand. If your part of the security team or a manager tasked with designing and maintaining the security surrounding a government building, then having BBRSS on your [...]

Crash Gates for Data Centers

Perimeter Protection Using Crash Gates for Data Centers Data Centers are unusual facilities.  They are built to store large amounts of valuable data and survive just about anything, from man-made or natural disasters.  The security employed is multi layered and involves electronic and physical equipment.  For the physical security plan for the perimeter of the [...]

Crash Gates for Ports

Port Perimeter Protection Includes Crash Gates Ports are highly active shipping areas with materials and people moving to and fro.  Port security personnel are tasked with protecting passengers, employees, cargo and infrastructure.  Every vehicle must be authorized to enter or be turned away without incident.  Unauthorized vehicles must not be allowed to enter the port [...]

Crash Gates for Airports

Crash Gates are a Viable Option for Airport Security You have been tasked with updating the physical security for the perimeter of your airport.  Your job is to determine viable options and decide of implementation.  BBRSS has you covered.  The challenges facing airports and their high level security, in the 21st century, is a serious [...]


Crash Gates, What Are They? When your facility, building, or structure, with hardened security, needs an active vehicle barrier to control the entry and exit of vehicles, a crash gate is the answer.  Crash gates can be operated manually or by and operator.  Their typical location is at the outermost level of perimeter security. BBRSS [...]