Phoenix Wedge Barriers

Wedge Barriers Phoenix For BBRSS, our goal is to deliver exceptional physical security products designed to keep Phoenix properties and facilities safe and secure, especially our wedge barriers.  Wedge barriers are perfect for controlling property access.   Our wedge barriers are the most successful method allowing access control in keeping unwanted vehicles away from your property.  [...]

Phoenix Drop Arm Barriers

Drop Arm Barriers Phoenix The variety of threats encountered by physical security managers and commercial property owners in Phoenix is shocking.  Generally, a physical security plan starts from the outer level and works toward the middle, with each level implementing stronger and stronger security levels. Physical security products such as bollards, crash gates, and wedges [...]

Phoenix Crash Gates

Crash Gates Phoenix Phoenix is surround by desert and mountains which add some natural protection for the security of buildings and facilities. Natural protection should be included with any physical security plan but not the only thing considered. Due to Phoenix’s airy dry climate, it has welcomed many businesses in many industries.  Some of these [...]

Phoenix Facility Protection

Facility Protection Phoenix The landscape of Phoenix business and subsequent buildings is increasing steadily.  Along with this increase is the need for facility protection products for exterior perimeter security.  From bollards to crash gates, security departments are preparing for every possible scenario including terrorism and criminal activities. Physical security products must be designed to deny [...]

Phoenix Bollards

Bollards Phoenix Phoenix is home to many buildings and popular structures, especially multiple baseball stadiums for Spring Training and the MLB Rookie League, which require specific physical protections.  Bollards are perfect for these situations.  Bollards can be found in most places if examined close enough.  Some are designed to blend in and others to be [...]