San Antonio Wedge Barriers

Wedge Barriers San Antonio At BBRSS, our objective is to deliver outstanding physical security products devised to keep San Antonio properties and facilities safe and secure.  Wedge barriers are ideal for the job of controlling property access.   When looking for the most successful method of monitoring and allowing access control of unwanted vehicles away from [...]

San Antonio Drop Arm Barriers

Drop Arm Barriers San Antonio The threats faced by physical security managers and commercial property owners in San Antonio are fluid and everchanging, requiring regular plan adjustments.  A physical security plan starts from the outer level and works toward the middle, with each level attaining stronger and stronger security levels. Physical security products such as [...]

San Antonio Crash Gates

Crash Gates San Antonio Criminals and most notably terrorists continue to change and find new methods of delivering their perimeter intruding actions inflicting damage and harm.  Whether it is just for the act itself or to create a distraction, the vehicles are typically large, such as a heavy truck, to ram a vulnerable access point [...]

San Antonio Facility Protection

Facility Protection San Antonio The expanding landscape of San Antonio is amazing.  Business and building growth are astonishing.  The increase is directly requiring an increase in facility protection products for exterior perimeter security.  From bollards to crash gates, security departments are organizing for every possible scenario including terrorism and criminal activities. Physical security products must [...]

San Antonio Bollards

Bollards San Antonio If you take a stroll down the iconic San Antonio Riverwalk or take a tour of the Alamo, you will see bollards in action. Both of these landmarks are highly visible examples of bollards as part of a physical security plan. Other buildings, structures, parks, etc. across San Antonio have saw the [...]