San Francisco Crash Gates

Crash Gates San Francisco Recent terrorist attacks have been conducted by using a heavy vehicle to ram through gates and other physical barriers causing significant damage and human casualties.  It is the responsibility of security personnel, through complete physical security planning, to stop vehicles before harm or damage can occur.  San Jose warehouse complexes, airports, [...]

San Francisco Facility Protection

Facility Protection San Francisco – Are You Protected? San Francisco, home to the Golden State Bridge and other prominent landmarks.  Also, home to many businesses, arenas, warehouses, and other facilities.  Each containing a facility protection and security level dictated by industry and assets.  This brings us to the burning question: What is facility protection? The [...]

San Francisco Bollards

Bollards San Francisco You’re have just been tasked with designing or updating the physical security plan for your San Francisco building, facility, airport, warehouse, , or government building.  One of the unique situations you must consider, in the plan, is an automobile or truck traveling at a high rate of speed in direct aim at [...]