San Jose Wedge Barriers

Wedge Barriers San Jose San Jose is an astonishingly beautiful city resting on the Pacific Coast with a seemingly perfect climate, making it the prime location for businesses across a large number of industries such as concert arenas, stadiums, government (federal and state), ports, airports, and more.  Every company operating in San Jose should have [...]

San Jose Drop Arm Barriers

Drop Arm Barriers San Jose Physical security threats are increasing across the board.  Commercial facilities across many industries in San Jose are now realizing the necessity of increased physical security.  These threats are fluid and continually changing; thus, security teams must consistently train and physical security products be examined to make sure the right product [...]

San Jose Crash Gates

Crash Gates San Jose At one time or another, we have all pulled up to a closed gate, at a San Jose highly secure property, restricting access.  We had to show a form of id to a camera, speak to a person through a microphone, or gain access by a key card or key code. [...]

San Jose Facility Protection

Facility Protection San Jose How is your San Jose building, facility, or structure protected from terrorist attacks, criminal activity, or accidents?  Do you have a plan in place to react accordingly to every possible situation and scenario? Protecting the safety and security of personnel, visitors, and assets is foundation of sound facility protection plan through [...]

San Jose Bollards

Bollards San Jose San Jose is a beautiful area of California with many roads and a lot of cars and trucks.  The risk of a vehicular incident with a building or other structure increase considerably according to the amount of traffic surrounding the structure.  Buildings, to protect themselves, are finding that installing bollards is an [...]