Perimeter Security

What area is most overlooked within a physical security design plan, that can improve the overall effectiveness a facility or building physical security?  The outdoor perimeter security.  Most facility security budgets are consumed by designing or managing the physical security of the infrastructure located within the facility.  The smallest of investments in your outdoor perimeter security can provide substantial protection for your building’s assets well before the other, more costly, measures are met or triggered.  Your perimeter security is a valuable line of defense by its very nature of adding distance, time and scale.  These are characteristics that cannot be obtained within the building’s security itself.  If designed correctly, outdoor preventative measures can reduce the cost of building security.

When designing an effective perimeter security plan and system, the first step is to make a complete assessment of the outdoor and indoor areas.  Design a perimeter ring with layers for increased security.  The objective should be to protect assets and personnel inside and keep unwanted visitors out.  This can be achieved by look at several parts of perimeter security and determining your systems effectiveness with each.

Deter – Does your perimeter security have a natural deterrence? The objective is to deter unwanted visitor from breaching system. 

Detection –  Is your perimeter’s security set up to accurately detect possible unauthorized intrusion in time to respond appropriately?

Deny – Is the design of your perimeter meeting the objective of keeping unauthorized persons out, while allowing authorized persons to enter?

Delay – Does the perimeter system slow down an active intrusion enough to force the intruder to give up, or allow the security team to respond?

Defend – Does the perimeter system allow security personnel a feasible response that attempts to apprehend the intruder. 

Answering these questions will assist in the design of an effective perimeter system with the assistance of BBRSS’s team of experts.  A design that incorporates physical security products that resolve all perimeter vulnerabilities. Speak to one of our experts today (800)367-0387.