Model 303 High Impact Bollard


The Model 303 High Impact Bollards are expertly and aesthetically designed to act as a vehicular deterrent for perimeter security and traffic control purposes. The Model 303 is engineered to meet ASTM F2656 M30/P1 (15,000 lbs vehicle traveling at 30 mph with less than 3-ft of penetration) and is designed to remain operational after impact testing. Engineered for simple installation, fast and reliable service, and relocatable, the Model 303 provides maximum protection and optimal performance even in harsh environments. Additional information can be found on our website


The Model 303 High Impact Bollard is ideal for applications requiring reliable operation while providing the highest level of protection. The Model 303 features three operation modes further allowing tailored control solutions for any type of facility or environment. Automatic (hydraulic and electric) operation of the bollard system requires minimal surveillance and is ideal for areas requiring continual operation and access. Semi-automatic (non-powered) bollards are ideal for locations where power is either unavailable or not practical to provide. Matching fixed and removable options are available to complement perimeter protection. The Model 303 allows government facilities, military installations, industrial, data centers, stadiums, petrochemical and other critical infrastructure facilities to take the necessary steps to protect both property and personnel from vehicle threats.


  • Height: 40-inches
  • Diameter: 8-inches
  • Depth: 60-inches
  • Rating: M30/P1 (ENGR)
  • Spacing: 48-inch centers
  • Finish: Macropoxy Finish


  • Hydraulic, Electric, Manual Assist
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Lost Casing Design
  • Emergency Fast Operation
  • Advance Control System