Nuclear Power and the Need for Physical Security

Nuclear Power and the Need for Physical Security Nuclear Power Physical Security, How Critical is It? Nuclear power, the very name demands increased and heightened physical security.  Did you know the nuclear energy industry is one of a few industries with federal regulations and requirements around physical security? The physical security of a nuclear power […]

Common Physical Security Threats

What are the common physical security threats?  BBRSS has many methods and products to protect your business, building, facility, or warehouse during physical security scenarios.  Understanding the nature of each allows for situational awareness and scenario specific improvements.  Security is fluid and locating areas of improvement is a continuous endeavor. Common Physical Security Threats: Terrorism […]

How to Mitigate Threats to Substation Security

PERIMETER SECURITY FOR SUB-STATIONS Designing a comprehensive and successful physical security strategy requires stepping back and looking at the big picture. Physical security planning and product development has been the focus of BBRSS for many years. Sub-stations now have to implement a multifaceted approach to security. HOW TO MITIGATE THREATS TO YOUR SUBSTATION From the […]


Airport Facility Protection What location is a prime target for terrorists and others looking to perform criminal acts?  If you said airports, then you would be correct.  After 9/11, airports became target rich environments, thus requiring airport security to up its game.  Reassessing every part of the security plan, from computer systems to the physical [...]


Facility Protection Through many years businesses from many industries have reached out to BBRSS for their facility protection solutions.  Facility protection starts with perimeter protection.  Most facility security managers will agree.  When designing a physical security plan for the protection of a facility, BBRSS has found a layered approach with concentric levels.  Starting with the [...]